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Minecraft Client Game Mod List
Client Game Mod List
If the mod is in the allowed list you can use it,

After much debate between the Admins, it has been decided to provide a list of specific mods that you will be allowed to use on the LegitPlay server. If the mod you wish to use is not on that list you may suggest it here and staff will review it (This does NOT mean you can use it). If the mod you wish to use is in the denied list then using this mod will result in a permanent ban from the LegitPlay server.

  • Optifine – This mod’s main purpose of improving FPS (Frames Per Second) client side. Although Optifine has some flaws, the main objective of this modification is to allow a player to have an improved experience whilst playing Minecraft. The mod adds more customizable settings under “Video settings”.
    [Image: ocM4Ho1.jpg]
  • Shaders – This mod attempts to make the game look more aesthetically pleasing by adding more details to things in game such as: primarily shadows, detailed clouds, or player skins. Some mod side effects may include animated, transparent water or flowing tree leaves. This mod is purely aesthetic and only affects the client side.
    [Image: AQsrUFm.jpg]
  • Armor/Effect Status – These two mods present themselves by providing more detail on a players armor status and potion effects on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) saving the player time from having to looking into their inventory. Although at first glance you think this can be an advantage, in fact it doesn’t give them any physical advantages in a fight. Players get killed the same way and do the same amount of damage.
  • Rei/Zan Mini-map – The mini-map provides a player with an on screen map in the corner of their choice, as long as this mod doesn’t have entity tracking enabled (blocked by the server) it gives no advantage.
    [Image: dLbWpbm.jpg]

  • Damage Indicators – This mod is considered illegal because it shows when a player has taken damage, how much damage they’ve taken as well as providing a portrait showing their health. Not all of LegitPlay servers show the players health during a match, therefore it is not allowed at all.
  • Kill Aura – This illegal mod tends to be attached to a hacked client, however for the purposes of this thread it will be reviewed separately. Kill aura allows a player to hit targets behind and to the side of him without even looking.
  • Spider Hacks – This illegal mod allows a player to climb blocks that normally are not possible, these hacks then allow a player to reach places they can’t normally reach or allow them to scale small cliffs quicker. You can spot a person using spider hacks because they appear to glide up the side of blocks, even 1 high blocks when they get to them.
  • Fly / Glide hacks – This illegal mod allows a player to fly and/or glide which is mostly blocked by anti-cheat however sometimes it still gets through, flying during PVP gives you a major advantage therefore it isn’t allowed. To rank donors who have the ability to fly on designated servers, installing a client that will allow you to fly faster or modify it in any way is also against the rules.
  • Crit hacks – This illegal mod is hardest hack to spot, it allows a player to automatically strike with a critical hit every time they swing at an enemy. One way to spot it is that the player will be slightly bouncing, they jump about 1/8th of a block, so be sure to look for this on players that you die quicker than normal

                                                                                                     If the mod is in the allowed list you can use it,

[Image: dCWhc0F.gif]

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